Learn five techniques for making art with everyday materials.

These are fun and fast projects you can do with materials that you probably have in a craft drawer or pantry cupboard. In each 15-20 minute lesson I'll show you how to make three or four different designs that each fit on a postcard.

You can mail your postcard art to a friend or use it to make small gifts, wall art, book covers or just as a doodle for your sketchbook. These projects are great for a wide range of ages and skill levels and I give you lots of ways to adapt based on the materials you have available.

It's all about the recycling!

Every project has some kind of recycled component that is used to make the art. We'll make designs from magazines and envelopes, cut pieces from an old kitchen sponge, reuse cereal boxes and wrapping paper, and combine things in new ways. You won't need to go out and buy anything new but can use what you have to play and experiment with new techniques.

What materials do you need?

Every project uses scissors, a glue stick and some rectangles of heavy paper. Each one has a materials list right at the beginning of the video and in the lesson text so you can gather what you need when you start.

The projects are designed to use common tools and materials that you will probably find around the house, like markers, recycled scrap paper, needle & thread, Q-tips, post-it notes, stamp pad, craft paint, tissue paper, and coins.

Yay for captions!

Every video has captions, so you can turn off the sound and use the captions to follow along.

These projects are great for nearly any age and are easily adaptable for a wide range of skill and patience levels. In each lesson, I give you lots of ideas and options for things to try and ways to adapt and personalize each project.

Why is this class free?

The original videos for these classes were made as part of a partnership I did with Dakota County Libraries. We originally presented them on Facebook as video lessons for their audience during 2020 and now I get to bring them to a more permanent and widely accessible home here on my website.

I've added some new links and resources to each lesson so you can see new more advanced ideas for each technique, tips for additional materials you can try, and more information about mailable postcard art.

Here's what we'll do in class.

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